A boating accessory brand with 1 mission – Innovation thru simplicity.

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A company created by the pioneers of the first wakeboard, wake skate and wakesurfer. In our over 40 years of making the most innovative towable products we saw a huge void in the boating accessory world. We set out to and achieved a line of products that just plain and simple make sense – making the surfing/ boarding boating process more affordable and enjoyable.



From ballast bags, to simplified plug & play systems, Eight.3 offers our clients a wide range of products to choose from. Visit our product page to learn more about our products.



Then how can you take your prized nautical possession and make it surf, or if your boat already can surf – who doesn’t want a bigger/cleaner wake? So we proudly present the wakesurf shaper that easily mounts to either port and starboard side while keeping the weight of the boat centralized. The result is a quick adaption to get anybody in the surf game using no hardware or need for a engineering degree to use the product. If you already have a newer surf style boat – well congratulations you now could have a wave rivaling your favorite South Pacific surf break using our wakesurf shaper.



There isn’t 1 product that isn’t set out with a simple goal – big/clean waves made from simple solutions. Now go velcro on your new shaper, enjoy a new convenient quick connect plug & play ballast system, or take advantage of a full range of ballast bags simply require a 3,700 gph pump to be dropped in a scope. Have fun.


What is Eight.3?

Eight.3 is a line of ballasts and ballast system products that make the art of wake shaping easier than ever before. The ballast bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this allows you to place them anywhere along the boat that you desire, including the port or starboard seats, the bow, the stern, even inside or outside of the boat. Eight.3’s ballast products allow older boats to create the ideal wake, while also adjusting the wake of a top of the line boat to a wake boarding expert’s preference.

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Re-defining Plug & Play

Traditional plug & play ballast systems take time to set up, don’t have many efficient ways to adjust the weight, and the water hose can be knocked loose, causing water to spill all over the boat! Thanks to our patented telescoping technology, all these problems are a thing of the past! We want to make sure you spend less time fiddling with equipment, and spending more time enjoying your boat! As wake boarding and watersport enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the frustration that can come with uncooperative equipment, that’s why we strive to redefine these plug & play products with Eight.3’s ballast systems.

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Ballast Bags

A line of telescoping ballast bags that fill and draining easier and quicker than anything out there. This telescoping bag fills and drains 3 times faster – but just as importantly it is the most effortless system by just dropping the pump in the telescope instead of connecting to a valve. Have your bags tucked in lockers and would rather use a plug & play system? No problem – we created a quick connect attachment that is just that – quick to attach.

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